The Hunter's Wine



Here at The Hunter Wine Bar, we take our wine very seriously.

Our finely crafted wine is natural and dynamic and made exclusively by small producers.

Forget brands …

… our focus is on winemakers, producers and local families.

How do we select our wine?

There’s a strict pre-requisite when it comes to choosing wines for The Hunter Wine Bar …

… and we’re happy to share it with you.

Are you ready?

The wine has to be good. Not just your easy-to-drink, palatable every-day wine.

It needs to be very, very good. But not in a break-the-bank kind of way.

How do we select our wine?
You’ll find a wine to suit you

You’ll find a wine to suit you

We pride ourselves on sourcing the very best quality, curated selection of boutique wines from around the globe.

And we’re particularly fond of our Australian wine from our young winemakers.

We love that wine doesn’t come with rules. From Semillon to Sauvignon, Riesling to Rose, a vibrant, strong Shiraz to a finely crafted Pinot Noir, the talented bar-staff at The Hunter Wine Bar will guide you through a constantly evolving menu to explore beyond your palate.

Share a bottle and pair it with a sensational plate of charcuterie or one of our world-famous crocodile sliders.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 5pm- Late
Wednesday 4pm-Late
Thursday 4pm–Late
Friday 1pm-Late
Saturday 1pm-Late
Sunday 3pm-8pm


To book on-line, email: or phone: 02 8540 5837
The Hunter
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